Pamela Etzin – Personal Stylist

Personal Services Include:


Closet Editcloset edit / cleanse

Every closet deserves a little makeover. Together we will talk about your best styles, shapes and colors as we explore your closet and edit anything that is unflattering or out of style. Most often we have clothing that we don’t wear yet we cannot part with it. We will take an honest look at what you “go-to” and what just hangs in the closet, and then decide what needs to be re-created or donated.

Once we have taken the clutter out of your closet we will reorganize the space to meet your daily dressing needs.

Closet Edit / Wardrobe Consultationstyle consultation

Do you have a closet full of clothes yet you still feel like you have nothing to wear? Is your current style holding you back or do you just need some new wardrobe items to enhance your current look? Perhaps it's time to elevate your style by taking a look at your daily wardrobe needs, body type, and consider your own personal style goals.

Let’s start with a closet edit and take an honest look at your wardrobe. I'll guide you in a caring and non-judgmental way as we create a plan to enhance your wardrobe & take the stress out of getting dressed. I believe that when you have the right wardrobe items, getting dressed can actually be fun!

Special Occasion StylingSpecial Occasion

Finding that perfect outfit for a Special Occasion can be very stressful. Where to shop, what to buy, do they have my size, and what should I spend are typical questions I get asked when a client wants something special and out of the ordinary.

I know how important it is to feel amazing whether you are speaking at a business meeting, being on stage or being a part of a family event. My goal is to find the perfect outfit for you so that you feel confident, happy and beautiful while being mindful of your budget.

Allow me to do all the legwork. I will pre-shop and have a variety of styles all picked out for you as well as any accessory you may need. All you have to do is show up and try on.

Personal Shoppingpersonal shopping

Are you bored with your style?

Do you struggle with the decisions of what to buy and where to shop for it? Are you noticing your clothing just doesn't fit the way it used to? Perhaps you can use some Professional Styling assistance.

Let me shop for you and bring everything to you in the comfort of your home


If you prefer we can shop together. Let’s discuss your daily wardrobe needs and create s plan to meet your wardrobe goals.

Virtual Stylingvirtual styling

As a wardrobe stylist, my vision is for you to “find your style” by learning what works best for you. I want to teach you the how and why of styling, so that you can experience how transforming this process really can be.

1. Struggling in the morning getting dressed w/ style?
2. Bored with the same old look?
3. Still putting off the closet cleanse?

Well, help is on the way! I would like to offer you a 90 minute style session with Skype. I want to help you create that fabulous feeling when you know you look great so that everyone feels your energy and self -confidence when you walk into the room.

During our session we will:
• Pick out 5 outfits that you will feel fabulous in
• Pick out your best colors
• Discuss your body type and best styling options
• Help you review your wardrobe choices
• Create a follow up report so that you know what to shop for and the WHY!!!