Let’s Make Your Wardrobe Work!

Do you spend way too much time getting dressed?

Is your closet full, yet you “have nothing to wear”?

Do you find it challenging to shop for clothing that reflects your true personality?

Then it’s time to invite a personal stylist into your life – and into your closet!

hanger-icon I’m Pamela Etzin, and I’m on a mission to dress women well. I’ve spent my entire life in the fashion industry, first in New York City’s garment district, then styling in some of the finest specialty and department stores, and now as a wardrobe consultant, image expert and personal shopper.
handbag-icon Spend a few hours with me and you’ll be amazed how quickly I will help you make-over your wardrobe. In fact, you’ll actually save money because I’ll teach you how to buy fewer, more versatile clothes.
safety-pin-icon It’s time to invest in yourself and feel great about what you’re wearing. From corporate looks to business casual to weekend wear, allow me to help you find your most flattering styles. I promise to guide you in a caring and non-judgmental way. Check out my track record and see why so many women treat themselves to a wardrobe makeover that’s fun and cost-effective.



For your complimentary style assessment, or for more information,
contact Pam@EyeforDetailNJ.com, or 201-575-2626.