Engaging Speaker!

Pam’s programs inspire, motivate, and engage the confidence of attendees. With an array of useful tips and advice that can be applied every day, Pam empowers them with the tools they need to look fabulous and feel great about themselves.

Pam is passionate about helping both men and women dress for success. She accomplishes this through workshops, keynotes, seminars, and personal consulting. She has a lifelong career in the fashion industry, first in New York City’s garment district, then working retail at some of the finest specialty and department stores, and now as a personal stylist and public speaker.

Speaking and Workshop Topics

The Power of Presence
Explore how to portray a professional image and how to incorporate branding into your look. Learn how your personal appearance reflects on your business and how to balance company requirements and personal style.

Does Dressing for Success Lead to Success?
How you dress in business is extremely important—it can be the make it or break it piece in securing a new job or position. Learn the do’s and don’ts of corporate dress and how to navigate the new language of business casual.

Fashion Vs Style...What’s the Difference?
Learn how to differentiate between the season’s “must-haves” and what works best with your body type, comfort level, and office environment.

How to Create a “Working Wardrobe”
Learn how to assess and edit your current wardrobe. Gain practical advice on rebuilding your wardrobe starting with the foundation, and how to keep it simple and efficient.

Increasing Self-Esteem
The secrets behind successful people’s self-confidence. Learn how to take the time to invest in yourself and not only dress better but feel better.