Yes, It Might Be Time to Redefine Your Style

When I started An Eye for Detail, the perfect tagline for my business was “Find Your Style.” Now, nine years later, I’m changing it to “Redefine Your Style.” Why? Because it’s nine years later, and for a lot of us, it’s time for a style redefine.

bossDoes that mean getting rid of everything? No
Does it mean spending a fortune? Only if you want to.
Does it mean I will still be me? Yes!
Can I make gradual changes? Of course!

I know a style redefine sounds exciting for some, and I also know it sounds a little scary for others. And you may be thinking, “It’s only clothing. Why does it really matter anyway? I look ok.” Well, yes and no. Remember, we are creatures of habit. We have our go-to’s. We tend to buy the same thing over and over again. We may not go to a different store because it feels uncomfortable and, perhaps, you don’t know the layout of the store. Some of us like change, but the truth is, most of us fear it a bit. Especially when it means looking at ourselves in an honest way.

Think about what you have purchased in the last year, and then think about what you have not purchased. Try to remember the reasons for not trying something different. Then, think about what you often tell yourself:

ted-bakerI can’t wear stripes.
Red is not my color.
I can’t wear heels. I need to be comfortable.
I only wear black.
I don’t like big jewelry.
I don’t want to spend a lot.
It’s not that important.

Beliefs? Truths?

No. They’re just made up stories that we have accepted as truth! And these stories in our head keep playing the same old tune.

Here’s the thing, think about varying degrees.

Jewelry comes in all sizes. There are so many shades of red. Shoes can be wedges, kitten heels, block heels, or even 5 inch stilettos. The point is there are so many choices if you are willing to take a look.

cinqThe key is: Baby steps. Yup, baby steps.

Three days ago, I was in the home of a new client. She was so excited to have me there. She said she was “ready to update her style and look more modern”. I was there primarily to look at her existing wardrobe, to discard a few items that no longer “looked like her,” which, by the way, were way too big for her, and to create a few new ways to wear existing clothing in a way unlike the same go-to’s from her current dressing style.

It’s not that she loved all of her clothing - it’s that it had become a uniform and what she had been wearing for a long time. She felt comfortable. She had been on Wall Street for much of her career, and now her office and business environment had changed. It’s natural to continue what we know and wear what has served us well for a long time.

theoryBut here’s the thing…she is no longer in the same work environment. Her client base has changed, and she is now networking with men and women of various ages. She no longer needs to look like everyone else. She felt that now she could stand out a little bit.. and, I repeat, a little bit. As we change businesses, environments, lifestyles, and even as our bodies change, so must we.

Remember, I walk the same walk.

So what is modern? Sounds funny right?

Modern is stylish, fashionable, age-appropriate, somewhat cool, classy, elegant, comfortable, authentic, businesslike, interesting, easy to style, and mostly TODAY! And while there is no one-size-fits-all answer, it means actually feeling more like yourself than you have in years.

I am inviting you to take a hard look at your style. Try not to be too critical; however, you need to be honest and ask yourself if you like what you see when you look in the mirror.

When I ask my clients what they want to achieve through a style update, the most common answer is: To look more put together in a more stylish way.

No more feeling like I have “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.”

Reframe your thoughts:

I feel more like myself then I have in a long time.
I love my new style.
I actually enjoy getting dressed.

Yes, that can be you! Remember, fear not… baby steps!

That my friends is the joy of allowing yourself to spend time on you, allowing yourself to explore and redefine how you want to look and feel. I hear all the time, “I’ve been wanting to do this for myself for a very long time.”

I’m here to help you take those first baby steps.

"Pam helped me choose clothes that fit my body type and go with my skin tone, which wasn’t something something I really had thought about but which makes such a difference. She taught me which color groups to stay away from and which were good for me. She also helped find clothes that fit my style, even if I can’t articulate what my style actually is. She pushed me slightly out of my comfort zone when trying things on, but I never felt pressured to buy something that didn’t feel like something I would wear or that pushed the limit on my budget. Thanks to Pam, for forever giving me something to wear." - Danielle S.

Are you ready to reframe your thoughts and redefine your style?
Let's talk...I'm here to help.