When Elastic Waistbands Are The New Norm

If your inbox looks anything like mine, you’ve already received hundreds of emails from every company you’ve ever subscribed to sharing their sentiments about the current situation.

Here is mine:

Nine years ago, I started my business after working wholesale and retail for 30 years. It’s easy to get caught up in what I do, especially since I absolutely love it—working with women to help them feel more like themselves, find enjoyment in getting dressed and looking in the mirror and liking what they see.

Though by trade I am a Wardrobe Stylist, I have always thought of myself more like a coach. You see, my hope is that you can take my advice and ideas and translate them into self-confidence and excitement to go out and make them your own. In a way, I feel like I am a Stylist Coach.

Of course, we have changed as our lifestyles and bodies have, but as our daily life is looking quite different right now, we have to remember to prioritize our own self-care. This is not easy, I know…

One week and a few pounds later I understand more than ever what many of us are going through. But here’s the thing…as wives, mothers, partners, care givers, we are used to putting ourselves last. During this time where everyone is depending on us, we deserve to think of ourselves too.

With that, I wanted to share a few tips for your new “Stay at Home Style”:

  1. Try to maintain some sort of schedule—whether that means continuing to blow dry your hair after you shower or drinking your coffee while you apply your skincare routine.
  2. Pajamas are not workwear—even if you are not dressing in your normal suits or heels, make business casual your new norm and ditch the sweats. Instead, opt for a comfortable yet stylish blouse or sweater.
  3. Keep exercising—with all of this time spent in the house and big family dinners every night, our clothes are sure to fit a little differently. Combat that by dedicating at least 20 minutes a day to a walk or other exercise, you’ll be happy you did.
Personal shopping and personal styling go hand in hand. I can help you with both. Let me use my expertise to help you find clothes that fit your styles, needs, and price point. Give me a call or send me an email today to get started!