What’s Old Is New And Sometimes What’s New Is Very New – Fall Trends 2019


Every year, just about mid-August, I look forward to transitioning from easy summer clothes to layering up with great sweaters, jackets, and new fall styles. This year’s fall fashions are proving to be exceptional and truly inspiring, especially if you like change and…you need a reason to shop.

Strolling through the malls, specialty stores, and boutiques has been fun in recent weeks. There’s inspiration everywhere. I can see it - and more importantly, I can feel it. Trends are emerging, and it’s exciting to see.

So are you curious to know what’s on-trend for autumn? Let me share a few of my favorites…

Animal Prints

First, on my list are animal prints. Snakeskin, zebra stripes, cheetah, and leopard prints are everywhere. You’ll see these prints on clothing, accessories, and shoes - and do you know why? They’re FUN! And, they’re versatile! They are easy to wear and accessorize. They can be made to look super trendy. They can be made more conservative when worn with a cashmere sweater. They can be used to create a very soft and feminine look when paired with a ruffled blouse. Any way you wear animal prints this fall, you’re sure to create a great vibe.

Sheer Tops

No matter where you look, you are going to see sheer tops on the racks. There’s a wide variety of colors available, and they’re perfect for layering. If you’re not sure a sheer top is for you consider wearing it with a tank top or beneath a biker jacket for an edgier look. 

Pleated Midi to Ankle Length Skirts

You may have seen this look before, and it continues to dominate the fall 2019 trends. You’ll see lots of pleated skirts in solid colors or gorgeous metallic stripes. If you’re wondering what shoes to wear with these skirts, go with a bootie, a great stacked heel, or even a sneaker. And once again, wear these skirts with your favorite tank top and a biker jacket or a beautifully detailed lacey sweater for a look that’s on point. Great for the office, and when work is finished, with a quick change of your shoes, you can head out to drinks and dinner. 

Tailored Jackets

You’re not going to go far without seeing some amazing tailored jackets this fall. If you don’t have one, this is the season to invest. With their clean lines, tailored jackets are easy to pair with items in your closet to create a great business look, and they’re perfect for throwing on with leggings and boots for a casual weekend outfit.

Faux Suede Trench Coats 

If your closet is still without a trench coat, this is a great year to pick one up...in faux suede. They look luxe but at a price point that everyone will love - you won’t want to leave your favorite on the rack!

Prints and More Prints

You’ll see tons of prints this season but mixed and matched like never before. Gorgeous pinks, gold, purples, and greens are all being seen in prints that you can wear together or with solid satin pants or skirts. 

Rounding out the trends this year are shirred waists, puffy sleeves, square-toe shoes, pants with slitsmetallics, and chunky gold chains and necklaces (which continue to be a wardrobe staple). Oh, and don’t miss the handbags with unique shapes and stunning top handles! The trends this year are gorgeous, innovative, and give you a reason to add some newness to your closet.


Of course, the weather may not quite be screaming fall even though the calendar says it is. So, how can you transition?  

Fall Transition Tips

  1. Take your favorite darker print dress from the summer and pair it with a bootie and jacket.
  2. Add a new animal print blouse or accessory to your favorite white jeans.
  3. Tone down the bright colors in your print pants by pairing them with a black or navy top and add a new pair of shoes and handbag.
  4. A ¾ coat or a plaid trench will complete and elevate any look - especially a monochromatic outfit whether it be a dress or pant and top two-piece outfit.
  5. Denim jackets always work but consider adding a black denim jacket to expand your wardrobe possibilities.

So, now is the perfect opportunity to take a look at your summer wardrobe, and edit out what you are done with that just doesn’t match up with your style level. Really evaluate your clothes and ask yourself, “Is this something I want to wear again? Does it make me look and feel amazing?” If the answer is “No,” then it’s time to toss it aside.

As you bring out or move your fall clothing to the front of your closet, you need to do the same thing. You need to ask yourself, “Does this represent my personal brand or style?” Because here’s the thing - it’s bigger than your wardrobe. Clothing enhances how you feel about yourself. It lets you be creative and feel joyful when you love how you look and feel. And what’s better than feeling radiant?


Would you like some help incorporating these fall 2019 trends into your wardrobe? Let's have a conversation about how these trends can work for you!