It’s Time to Elevate Your Summer Style

As I was getting dressed the other morning, I looked at my summer wardrobe and three things crossed my mind:

  1. Does it all still fit?
  2. Do I like how I look and (more importantly) feel in it?
  3. Do I have enough of the “right” clothes?

After months of stay-at-home casual, it’s time to move on from the leggings and the uber-comfy loungewear and embrace a more normal way of dressing. I know for myself and many of my clients, warmer weather brings to mind ease and comfort. Even if you are continuing to work remotely, you can opt for an elevated business style that is still relaxed but reflects a more productive mindset.

A summer dress makes it easy to transition from hangout clothes to a more pulled-together look!

unnamed (1)While we may not be packing our bags for a European getaway or traveling to the office each day, the need for simple, single-item outfits is as essential as ever. Whether you are attending a social distancing picnic or a virtual wedding, a summer dress makes getting it together effortless. Dresses are a cinch to accessorize and offer endless options for making a cool and breezy style statement – even when it’s sizzling outside. The question is, how much new clothing do you really need? Even with lockdown restrictions lifting, many of us won’t be getting “dressed” as often as in summers past. However, we DO like to have choices, don’t we?

The trick is to balance having enough options with having the PERFECT options. I’ve always been a believer in less is more – we should wear what we love and love what we wear!

unnamed (2)It can be challenging right now to resist the urge to buy more than we need. The retail landscape has changed dramatically, and huge discounts and deals can be found everywhere. As tempting as this might be, a sale is never a good reason to make a purchase. If you don’t love what you buy and feel great wearing it, it will sit in the back of a drawer or closet – and that super bargain will end up being a waste of money.

If you plan on picking up a few wear-now summer dresses, here are a few tips to help you shop mindfully:
  1. unnamed (3)Inventory your wardrobe.
    We all know what happens when we wait until the last minute to get dressed: stress and panic! Be prepared to get dressed by taking an inventory of what you have – and try on everything to avoid ill-fitting surprises.
  2. Look at your calendar.
    To shop with a purpose, you must zero in on exactly what you need. Start by writing down how often you plan to be networking (virtually or in person), going to the office, and/or interfacing with clients or customers. List all of the events or special occasions you plan to attend and any other happenings where you’ll want to look your best.
  3. Create a budget and make a list.
    Take a look at your categories of clothes, shoes, and accessories and note where you need to fill in. Remember that you can create a whole new outfit just by swapping out the accessories!
  4. Aim for one fun print dress and one great solid dress.
    The solid style should lend itself to accessorizing and give you multiple options for dressing it up or down. The print dress is likely to make more of an impression. Ask yourself how you feel about people noticing and commenting on what you wear. Personally, I love it when someone remembers an outfit of mine and take it as a compliment, but not everyone feels the same way.
Can’t decide what to buy, where to shop, or how to elevate your current wardrobe? I’m here to help. Let’s talk!