The Power Of Accessories and a Few New Layering Pieces for the Ever-Changing Seasons

This time of year is always a style challenge. We keep going from one season to another and back again. Because of the weather inconsistency, you don’t want to do a total wardrobe change over now. This time of year is known in the fashion industry as “trans-season” or the in-between time between seasons.

At this time of year, I’m always hearing:

I’m so tired of my clothes!

How can I create a fresh look?

I’m bored, and I don’t want to just buy anything and everything.

So, here’s my immediate advice - and keep in mind that it does mean allocating time and energy to this cause. But I promise you that in doing this you will achieve many rewarding results.

1. Go through your closet and pick out 6-8 favorite outfits. That can mean a solid dress or print, your basic black pants, or whatever you decide are your favs.

2. Lay them out on your bed with the accessories you normally wear - including shoes and jewelry.

3. Then take out the other accessories, including booties, jewelry, and maybe a “topper “ coat or jacket that you haven’t been wearing. Place them with those go-to’s that are on your bed and change how you wear those outfits. Mix it up...wear different shoes, change the jewelry, or add a scarf. Have fun moving the pieces around. This is where a new jacket or topper might be helpful.

4. Look at the outfits and see if you like what you have created. If you’re not sure, try it on in front of a long mirror and check your body language. Are you standing up straight? Are you smiling, frowning, or questioning what you have on? Your posture and expression will show you how you are feeling in the new look.

5. Now you might be feeling that it’s time and that you really do need a few new items. Think about what would elevate and enhance your outfits. Perhaps it is a few new pairs of earrings or a great new necklace. Now is a good time to start a list of what to shop for.

6. Before you go shopping, take pictures on your phone of the outfits you have re-made, so you will remember them clearly and be able to create a new look as you shop.

7. Lastly, go shopping with your plan of what to buy with your targeted list and stick to it. This way, you won’t buy random items, and you will be shopping with mindfulness of both your time and your money.

Here are some of the new accessories and jackets I love that will transition from season to season:

Accessories are a powerful tool to help elevate your wardrobe and alleviate your style boredom as we move back and forth between winter and spring. But, if you follow those seven steps, you’ll have an updated and refreshed wardrobe with a newness that will take you happily into spring.

Please reach out if I can help you in any way.




Do you need some help transitioning from Winter to Spring? Do you want to get rid of that feeling of boredom when you look into your closet? Do you feel it’s time to elevate your look and enhance your style? Let’s take the stress out of getting dressed so that you love how you feel and look again in your personal style.