The Fear Of Personal Styling

Is there Fear attached to working with a Personal Stylist? Yes.

After many years of working as a stylist, I want to share there's always fear attached to anything new; whether it's people, places or things. Will it be right, did I make the right decision. Growing up we all carry thoughts and stories in our head of what is ok, what's not, what we deserve and whether we should. Worry, fear, doubt & expectations appear.

Fear #1 Allowing a stranger into your home.

Fear #2 Being judged.

Fear#3 It will cost a fortune.

Fear #4 They will try to change who I am.

Fear #5 I will have to throw everything out and completely start over.


Working with a stylist may be one of the best investments you ever make for yourself. The person you choose should understand who you are, what your lifestyle is and how you want to be perceived and most importantly, you have to feel comfortable with each other.

My goal as a stylist is for my client to love the experience, walk away understanding the why and feeling how much value it brought to her. All of us want to feel good about ourselves and we can all use a little tweaking at different times. For me, it's chemistry, finding the right style and having similar values. Am I practical, you bet and will I change who you are, NO.