Spring Style Starting at Home

Though the season may start indoors, the style is still blooming. Spring is around the corner, and retail stores are releasing all of the latest styles—think colorful prints, fun sleeves, pastel hues, accessories. I want to share how you can make these trends your own, without having to purchase a whole new wardrobe. And, we can do it from the comfort of our homes and computers.

Wardrobe Re-Boot
Soon it will be too warm to wear all of the heavy winter clothing currently in your closet, but I’m here to tell you that there’s a way to incorporate many of those pieces into attire for spring.

First, let’s start by reorganizing your closet together. This is the perfect opportunity to tackle a task while you have the time indoors. I promise you that you will feel so much better once your closet is turned over for spring and you can see some of your favorite seasonal clothing pieces again. I’ll help you separate your clothes into new outfits for spring, reinventing the ways you’ve worn pieces in the past and adding accessories for a final touch. We can also create outfits that are both comfortable and stylish, so you can feel your best, even if that is on a video conference call taking place at your kitchen table.

We will virtually edit your closet together. I will help you determine what to keep for the season and provide ideas for new ways to wear what you already own.

Let’s Go Shopping (Virtually)
Adding a few new items is a great way to dress up your wardrobe and add some sparkle in an easy, new way. A simple wardrobe refresh can include a few new tops in stylish prints or a maxi skirt that works both in the office and on the weekend. Our appearance has a direct correlation to our mood, and by wearing something pretty and new you will feel a positive shift in your energy and presentation.

I will assess your wants, needs, and budget in an initial conversation. Then, I will email you links to clothing and accessories customized to you.

Personal shopping and personal styling go hand in hand. I can help you with both. Let me use my expertise to help you find clothes that fit your styles, needs, and price point. Give me a call or send me an email today to get started!