What Personal Stylists Don’t Do…At Least Not This One

I was sitting having a latte at a local coffee shop the other day and could not help but notice all of the different people there. Moms meeting for coffee with their little ones. Students studying for exams. Business people talking about their next big enterprise. And all I could think about was how each of them had similarities - mom, student, businessmen and women - and how they were all very different. 

I started thinking about my role as a stylist and how no two stylists are alike. Many stylists see the clothing world through the eyes of fashion and trends. Designers are always telling us what we must have and should be wearing. Many stylists are trendsetters that are totally in love with the season’s latest trends and the “must-haves.” They’re all about what’s “in” right now - which is awesome, but certainly not for everyone. 

Because is that what’s best for a client? Don’t get me wrong - trends definitely have their place, but do they need to dominate your closet? No. I find my clients want to be able to wear their clothing longer than a season, and would rather invest in classic pieces that exude a modern sense of style. These pieces can then be mixed in with more trendy and interesting pieces - like animal prints that are so big now. 

As I continued looking around, watching people come and go, I started thinking about what sets me apart and what makes me different as a wardrobe stylist. Why do I do what I do? What is my main goal? What are my intentions? And that one word that kept coming to mind was…confidence. I want my clients to have confidence. 

So, then I flipped it - and thought about what I don’t do and why. This may be even more important because it’s what I don’t do that puts clients at ease and allows them to trust me. 

Here’s what I don’t do:  

I don’t style clients without getting to know them first.

Getting to know you is the most essential part of helping you with your style. When I meet you, I want to know who you are. What lifestyle do you lead? Are you in the business world? What role do you play? What specific industry? Are we styling for a specific occasion or special event? Speaking on a stage? Job interview? Have you gained or lost weight? Have you had surgery? Have you experienced a life change? These questions - and so many more - help me get to know you. And once I get to know you - then we can start styling.

I don’t share information about my clients.

As you can tell, I want to know all about you, but you can rest assured that I’m not going to share any of your information. Everything we discuss is confidential unless you give me permission to share. 

I don’t project my style onto you.

My style is not your style. What I like may not work for you, and a great stylist sees YOU! Stylists should not impose their style on you. While I will ask you to try something new or look at different options - it’s always about you and your style! Remember: You never know until you try it on! It’s my job to take you outside of your comfort zone (just a little) -  so that you try something new that you might never do on your own.

I don’t just shop the trends.

I mentioned above about stylists who only shop the trends. I believe that trends can definitely work in your wardrobe, but do you need a closet full of trendy items? I don’t believe so. Trendy items are what I call "add-ons." They are pieces to mix in and have fun with, but the core pieces are the backbone of your wardrobe. If trends are your thing, then just know that next year at this time, you’re going to have to go shopping again - in order to keep up. (Of course, this year animal prints are everywhere, and I’m a big fan - but once again, it’s knowing what pieces to purchase and at what price. Remember, I love fashion, but incorporating trends, fashion items, and core pieces into your wardrobe is what it’s all about. I want to help you create a wardrobe that works for you.)

I don’t judge clients by their size or budget.

A size on a tag is just that - a size on a tag. We all have “those areas “ that we don’t love. The good news is there are styles for everyone. It’s all about taking the time to find what is right for you so that you will wear what you purchase instead of letting it sit in your closet.

And when it comes to budget, I am a believer that it takes a shopping strategy. I want to help you be mindful of what to invest in, where to spend a little more, and what items are must-haves. There are so many ways to build a wardrobe, but knowing where to shop and what to buy is the key. (Don’t worry - I have the answers.) 

I don’t make you do the work.

After all, that’s why you’ve hired me. I’ll do the heavy lifting - and you’ll benefit from a refreshed style, some great new ideas, and fabulous wardrobe pieces. My goal is for you to have a wonderful wardrobe while enjoying the experience and process.


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe

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