Let’s Get Personal

SHOPPING! Did I get your attention? 

What comes to mind when you think of hiring a personal shopper? Do you think:

“I could never have someone do that for me.”


“That’s way too expensive and way too extravagant."


“Hmmm...I don’t think I even know what a personal shopper does.”

Trust me...I’ve heard them all and I always reply, “I’m a personal shopper and I’d love to answer your questions!”

So, let me tell you about personal shopping by sharing some of my most frequently asked questions - because you’ve probably had some of the same ones!


Can you help me upgrade my wardrobe? Yes! 

I feel like I wear the same things all the time. I’d like to get out of my comfort zone. Can you make some suggestions? Yes!

Can you help me figure out what colors and styles would best suit me? Yes!

I don’t like the way my clothes fit? Can you help me find a proper fit? Yes!

I’m looking for a purple lamé jumpsuit with turtles on it? Do you know where I might find that? Yes! (And while I joke here about the purple lamé jumpsuit with turtles, I can help you find specific items you may be searching for!)

I usually shop online and order a million things in hopes of finding one thing I love. Can you help me? Yes!

It takes so much time to find just the right outfit. Can you save me valuable time? Yes!

I absolutely hate shopping and find it so overwhelming. Can you help me with that? Yes!

When I go shopping I spend way too much money as I’m an impulse buyer and then the clothes sit in my closet and never get worn. Can you show me how to buy the right things and not impulse buy? Yes!

I know accessories are important to my outfits. Can you help me find the right ones that work with my style?  Yes!

Fashion is just not my area of expertise. Can you help me? Yes!

I shop with and for clients for many reasons all stemming from the questions above. A personal shopper can help you with any or all of these things.  

Recently a client called me because she needed a dress to wear to a daytime wedding in Pennsylvania. She knew the attire at the wedding would be varied and different, but she was most concerned about feeling like herself, being comfortable, having the ability to wear the dress again, and not spending a fortune. After talking with her, I had a great sense of what she really wanted and I went shopping for her.

On this day, my gut told me to head to Bloomingdales. As I’d been shopping over the summer I had noticed that they had a great selection of summer dresses and I felt confident that the right dress was there.

Lo and behold, there was the perfect dress. And, adding to my delight was finding it on sale - way below what we expected to pay. 

Now, if I’m being completely honest, when I brought the dress to my client, there was a moment of hesitation when she saw it. But with a “Please do me a favor and try this on,” - she found that she LOVED it! It was a dress that she may not have picked for herself, but because I had listened to her needs and used a little bit of my fashion and style intuition, she ended up looking amazing. At the event, her nephew told her she “looked like a movie star.” How awesome is that? 

The moral of the story is that my sense of detail and style is what personal shopping is all about. I see personality coming through. I feel the look with the right added accessories. I see the styling as a complete picture and my intuitive sense just knows when something is right.

How does personal shopping work?

The most important part of the whole personal shopping experience is for me to get to know you. I want to build a relationship of honesty and trust so that we can achieve the goals we set forth. I have a questionnaire that I ask you to fill out and we talk. We talk about your needs. We talk about your wants. We talk about your lifestyle and what your feelings are related to getting dressed. We talk about how you feel in your current clothes and how you want to feel in the clothes we’re shopping for, and, of course, your budget. 

And it’s not until we’re done talking, and I’ve gotten to know you, that the shopping begins. So let’s talk...

Personal shopping and personal styling go hand in hand. I can help you with both. Let me use my expertise to help you find clothes that fit your styles, needs, and price point. Give me a call or send me an email today to get started!