Edit Your Closet: Make 2020 the Year You Just Do It!

Happy January Ladies!

Are you ready to make 2020 the year you get rid of the shoulds and just DO IT?

How do you feel about having easier mornings? Mornings that are more productive and less stressful? This is where your clothing closet comes in to play. Imagine having a calm, organized closet! Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Think about not having to search through the clutter and not having to push hard on the racks to find something that you know is in your closet somewhere. That’s way too stressful! And wastes too much time.

So, is organizing and editing the clothes in your closet on your to-do list? For many of us it is, but who is really going to do it? Why is it so hard to tackle this? 

Think about the last time you undertook this project, or perhaps you started the project but never completed it. How did it make you feel? Overwhelmed? Did you feel like it was so much work? That it took way too much time? Did it even bring up feelings of guilt or sadness? It may even be a dreaded task due to the amount of decision making you need to do on your own.

But it’s an important task.

Because here’s the thing…the clothing that you don’t wear now, you probably won’t ever wear. Sorry, but that’s the truth! Statistics show that we don’t wear 80% of our clothing - so why continue to let it sit in your closet and take up space and collect dust?

It’s time to picture an organized closet. 

A calm closet.

A closet that has clothes that you will love to wear.

A closet that makes it fast and easy to pull together an outfit.

Are you ready?

Remember: 80% of your clothes are sitting there, taking up space and gathering dust. I want to help you!

Let me share a few easy organizing and editing tips:

1. Block out time for this project. If you have an available day to take this project on - that’s great. But, if you don’t, block out 1-2 hours and put it on your calendar weekly.

2. Commit to being honest with yourself. Remember your goal. Start with one category at a time and complete it. For example, start with shoes. It’s either yes or no. (There may be a few items you are unsure of. I consider those a “yes” - for now.) Pull out the pieces you know you are done with and drop them in the bag.

3. You must try everything on and look in a full-length mirror. Notice your body language and think about how you feel. Remember, you have to be honest with yourself.

4. Make sure the room is well lit. (Good lighting is essential!)

5. Do not second guess yourself. Trust your gut and your decision and move on!

Don’t want to go it alone? Give me a call! When it comes to clothing and closets - those are my passions because I know what a difference an organized closet can make in your life. Just ask my client!

"WOW! I'm a new woman. With a new wardrobe! I had a ton of clothes, in several different closets - yet I felt like I never had anything to wear! I couldn't put anything together. Pam instantly assessed my style (even though I answered the door in a T-shirt and jeans), and quickly saw the giant hole in my wardrobe that would pull it all together. We spent five hours sifting though my clothes, and I donated half of what I owned - and it was easy, because Pam gave me new vision of me that I could see for myself.  I have a new freedom and joy looking into my closet and getting dressed every day - even if I'm being super casual, I add a little something to look polished, which is new for me!"

Here’s to checking it off the list! √

Cheers to a fantastic 2020!

- Pam

How does your closet look? Are you ready for an organized closet that makes getting ready fast and easy? Contact me today to book a Closet Edit!