There’s a Dress for Everyone!


Summer offers so many perfect opportunities to wear a dress: from graduations to luncheons, after work events to showers and weddings. With the options of florals, pastels, brights to black, dresses are easy, and so comfortable. That is, if it’s the right dress for you! We all have our own unique style and often we have a vision of what we would like to wear, but perhaps we’re just not sure about what exactly is right for our bodies. We question what neckline shape flatters us the most, whether we should go sleeveless or layer with a shrug? These are simple questions, but the answer is not always so easy.

On my website I have posted my Free Gift To You, a questionnaire to help you discern your body type and the styles that suit you best. Dressing is very personal and what you put on your body can be the difference from feeling okay to feeling fabulous. Comfort is key, and can be achieved once you know where to accentuate and how to bring the right attention. If you know me, I’m always talking about “the details.” Subtle changes bring big results; even the length of a necklace can change a whole look.

As a personal stylist, my vision is for you “to find your style” by learning what works best for you. I want to teach you the how and the why of styling, and for you to really experience how transforming this process can be. I am happy to offer you a complimentary phone consultation, where I can help you understand your figure, and explain how we can work together to help you find the most flattering and stylish version of yourself.