The Closet Edit

Closet Edit

The Closet Edit - What are you afraid of?

Every January I get requests on how to organize, edit or cleanse a wardrobe closet yet for so many it’s overwhelming & scary.

Are you continuously buying because it’s on sale? Do you justify the purchase because of the price yet you never asked yourself if you love it? Are you feeling like you want something to boost your spirits, so you just buy … because it’s something new? Many of us are bored by now with the same old outfits and we feel like we need something novel,so we run into a store and grab a new top or scroll on websites where it’s easy and mindless.

But… didn’t you promise yourself that you wouldn’t do this anymore? Didn’t you say to yourself that you really wanted to feel great in your clothes and love them? Aren’t you tired of that voice saying you will be more mindful of what looks good on you and not what looks great on the mannequin or buy because it's a bargain?

I know that organizing your closet was on your New Years resolution list but for some reason you keep telling yourself it isn't the right time.

Actually, it’s the perfect time!

If not now, when??? Let's conquer that clutter together, edit out the clothes that no longer fit or don't enhance your personal style and discover the clothes you already own that make you feel and look fabulous!


The Closet Edit - EyeForDetail NJ


    1. Organize your jewelry and clothes so they are easy to see
    2.  Try each piece on to be sure you look and feel wonderful in it
    3. Store your shoes in clear plastic bins
    4.  Use felt hangers to protect your clothes
    5.  Start small, with one category of your wardrobe at a time
    6.  Don't be afraid to get help

Put Jewelry On Display
1. Put your jewelry on display! Easy to find and beautiful to look at!

Comfortable Wardrobe


2. Start in your closet and grab a few handfuls of clothing and try each item on. Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself if you like it, does it feel comfortable and will you wear it.

Store Shoes In Plastic Boxes
3. Using plastic boxes for your shoes makes your selection easier. Keeping them dust free and easy to see! No more throwing all your shoes in a heap or hiding them in boxes.

Say No To Wire Hangers Wardrobe Categories

4. Use felt hangers because they hug the clothing, and everything hangs on the same level as opposed to wire hangers from the dry cleaner, plastic hangers and assorted wooden hangers.

5. Start small. Perhaps it’s starting with tops, then another day jackets. The purpose is to have a closet of clothing that you like and feel good in. Wouldn’t you love to not keep staring at things you don’t wear, that don’t fit, the stuff that is shoved into the closet that you don’t even remember.

It’s time to create a stress-free closet, Imagine getting dressed in 10-15 mins because your wardrobe is curated, and now you are able to have your outfits all worked out. No more wasting time trying on, and then taking off clothes that just don't feel or look quite right.

6. Bring in help! Having a wardrobe that supports who you are takes time. It is a commitment to yourself to love what you wear, be mindful of what you are spending and know that getting dressed can be easy and not take a lot of time.

Wardrobe Help
Wardrobe StylingStyling is so much more than just randomly putting things together and it is also about having the right items in your closet. Imagine looking into your closet and seeing what you have.. when you see it you will wear it. Display jewelry, pick an outfit first starting with your accessories.

I believe that only when you know what is in your wardrobe that you should buy something new.
Shop strategically... adding piece by piece. My advice is to wear what you love and love what you wear!

An Eye For Detail - Personal Stylist