Starting Over


As the new season approaches, are you afraid to enter your closet?

Do you put it off because you don’t know where to start and you’re not even sure you want to???


First step is to start with a closet audit and then to review your wardrobe possibilities. By now, the reality has set in that you just don’t feel good in your clothes. They might not fit well, or maybe your style and tastes have changed. Perhaps you have too much black or prints that you’ll never wear.


Sometimes it is best to start over. There may be only six to twelve items that you really love and can work with, and that is okay! Let this be a reminder that you want to love your style, especially the core pieces.


Recently I worked with a client that needed to uplevel her look. The first time we shopped together was beneficial but it was slightly overwhelming because there was so much that needed to be accomplished. After this first trip, we were able to shop in different stores with a variety of price points in mind in order to bring in a whole new dimension into her clothing vision. As my client continued to try on clothes, we were able to zero in on her unique style and lots of smiles started to appear. Her old way of dressing was replaced with a new sense of fashion, personality and most importantly confidence.


Sometimes it’s not easy to “step out of your old look “and create a new one that is your own.

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