New Season: Where to Invest Your $$$$

Wow, it’s February and I know for myself, I am getting bored with my Fall wardrobe and I see the magazines showing us all the new trends and styles. The colors are gorgeous, a lot of new color combinations, styles have changed and I want everything! As a personal stylist it is truly important to represent new looks and trends but for those of you that know me, I am practical, yet I adore bringing into my wardrobe new items, I just do that w/ a plan.

So, at the start of each new season, re-visit your closet. Separate what will move into Spring and put away the heavier or darker items you feel look fall like. Try on by category: pants, jackets, tops, sweaters, and really identify what you feel you look great in, because of fit and style. Now, if you’re not sure, make a pile of items to retry and re-consider. The objective here is to really see what you need and what you want.

The next step is then taking those items, laying them on the bed as an outfit and how you often wear it, bringing out the accessories or the “go-tos”. And switching the tops and bottoms to create a new look. At this point, evaluate whether it’s time for a new jkt or 2, look at the outfits and assess whether they work for business but how can you use the pcs to wear on a weekend or as business casual outfit. Clothing should be able to truly mix and match for different occasions. Take a serious business jkt, roll up the sleeves, layer a longer softer top underneath and wear w/ a dark pair of jeans and accessorize for the occasion. At this point maybe you add a short boot or a chunkier strappy shoe. The whole point is bringing your look into the new season.

Tips, handbags change, some season necklaces are true statement pcs and sometimes we want a bolder look w/ an earring or bracelet. This Spring earrings are showing up in unique sizes and shapes and are even looking like art pcs. Patterns and prints are very trendy and colorful, the key to wearing them is thinking about what part of your body you want to bring focus to and what you want to balance out and we do this with the correct clothing proportions.

Spring trends:
Color blocking, know your body type, stripes