Food For Thought: Who likes Shark Tank?

Well I admit, I am one of one of the addicted Shark Tank watchers. I think I have seen every episode at least twice.

So what do I love about the show?

Products that have been developed that I can’t even imagine how they were even thought of.

The guts and willingness to stand in front of THE SHARKS.


I love how Laurie and Barbara present themselves. They are ALWAYS dressed perfectly. Now, I don’t always love what they’re wearing but notice their hair, clothing & jewelry. They know that it matters how they dress and how they look. Women see them as role models and they are! They are totally admired and respected in the world of business. They’re smart, focused and very self aware. They present SUCCESS and look it and they could wear anything!

So, does it matter how they look? Yes of course it does! They want you to understand the value of image, perception and looking successful!

Does everyone care?
No. Have you ever looked at someone and thought” why are they dressed like that”? What were they thinking?

Snap judgments, we all make them!

You might want to ask yourself, are you making a great first impression? Do people see the right image? Do you really feel confident and your very best?

Picture Laurie and Barbara in jeans & sneakers. Would you have the same impression?

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  1. Hey…you look great in black !!!
    O.K. we need to do some work together :] Myrlene

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