You Don’t Have To Travel To Paris, Milan Or Tokyo To Find Fashion And Style

Every year when the spring and fall fashion shows happen in Milan, Paris, Tokyo and other cities around the world, I’ll admit I get very excited. After all, seeing some of the world’s most gorgeous models wearing the most beautiful creations from the top designers is right up my alley.   

Of course, if I’m being completely honest, I know that there are very few people who will be wearing those fashions and trends we see on the runways. Lots of the things we see designers creating aren’t practical. They’re not affordable. And they’re not going to make their way into our closets.

But do you know what watching a fashion show does? It sparks ideas! 

Yes, it may ignite a desire in you to head to your favorite department store and do some shopping in order to recreate some of the looks you saw, but what it really could have you doing is heading to your closet and shopping there. 

The other day, I attended a networking event and was talking with a woman who said she thought of me as she got dressed that morning. She said she had gone into her closet and took a serious look around. She grabbed her favorite pair of black pants, chose a blouse that she doesn’t usually wear with these pants (because we’re all creatures of habit when it comes to what we wear) and tied it all together with a fabulous necklace that she adored that was hanging right there. She said she felt fabulous and I thought she looked amazing! And she hadn’t had to buy anything new to create a stylish new outfit.  Shopping in her closet was a complete success! 

This just proved to me (once again) that shopping in your closet is a must! Did you know that 80% of the clothes you have often go unworn? 80%! That’s an awful lot of things that you liked when you purchased them that you’re not using to their full potential or even wearing. 

So how can you take those ideas that were sparked from watching the Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and other fabulous designers’ fashion for you? Here are my suggestions:

Mix Things Up

Designers are famous for mixing things up. They bring together unexpected color combinations. They mix patterns in ways that you’ve never dreamed of. They add accessories that you really would not have thought about wearing together. They have fun with fashion and look outside the box. 

Your first mission is to mix things up – just like the designers. Grab that blouse with the beautiful floral pattern you haven’t worn yet and pair it with…something unexpected. How about with the skirt from your favorite suit? Or the wide leg pants that you’ve pushed to the back of the closet? When you bought it, you probably had it paired with something very specific – now is the time to branch out and try something new - create a new look. 

Embrace A Trend 

When you’re watching a fashion show or reading a fashion magazine, you know you are seeing some very trendy pieces. And you may love everything you’re seeing. But the nature of trends is that they come and go. What’s popular today may not be next year. 

That’s why it’s important to embrace “a” trend. Pick one thing you loved – color, pattern, style – and mix that into your wardrobe. Most likely you even have a trendy piece in your wardrobe already (it might be part of the 80%) that will make the look you want come to life. 

And remember – fashion trends change, but style remains forever classic. So, mix your trendy piece with a forever classic piece and you’ll have something that is the best of both worlds.


Designers always want their collection to be the star of the show, but you’ll notice that no model is ever without accessories. They’re like the glue that ties everything together. 

Like your clothes, your accessories should be out and visible to you so that you avoid wearing your same favorite pieces all the time. Remember: You are shopping your closet to find your fashion show inspiration and to create a new look. Have some fun. Experiment. 

And, once again, just like with your clothes, don’t be afraid to mix and match. You might be surprised by the combinations that work together.

Feel Good About Yourself

Finally, do you know what all of those models have that make those clothes look so fabulous? Confidence! They subscribe to the philosophy of: Look good, feel good. And so should you. 

When you put on your new runway-inspired ensemble, wear it with confidence. Stand tall. Pull those shoulders back. Wear your biggest smile. Feel great about how you’ve put together a fantastic new outfit from the items in your closet - because shopping in your closet is the best!

Not every day has to be a fashion show or have you shopping ‘til you drop. There’s a great amount of satisfaction in using your very own closet to put together a look that was sparked from a photo in a magazine, a person walking down the street, or a video you saw on television!

It’s time to experiment and have some fun with fashion.

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