Are You Stuck in a Shoe Rut?


Do you find yourself wearing the same style shoes year after year, season after season? When you buy a new pair, does your eye dart to the safe choice, or a style you trust? Do you gaze at the gorgeous new styles each season but think “I can’t pull these off” or “These just aren’t for me?”

OR…are you a SHOES FIRST kind of gal? The woman who picks out her shoes before her outfit every morning.

The shoes we wear say a lot about who we are. As Oprah once said, “I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.”

Don’t get me wrong, comfort is definitely an important factor in shoe selection. However, it is imperative to know that you do not need to compromise style in order to achieve the comfort you are used to. And, even the most prominent or famous women often carry a pair of throw-on flats in their bag.

Shoe shopping should be fun- and I will show you how to make it that way! Imagine walking into your closet and feeling like Carrie Bradshaw- shelves of shoes to choose from that match every outfit. Not only will you feel better owning stylish shoes that complement your outfits, but you will also start to feel like a whole new person. When you slip into a new pair of heels, you will feel yourself unknowingly stand up a little straighter, and that confidence will radiate. A pair of stylish flats can make you feel the same way. The key is using your shoes to ground you, and complete the look of your outfit. Ladies, are you ready to step out and elevate your style?

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