Are You Dressing For Success?

Do you look the part?

While you're watching TV, do you ever notice how well the actors and news anchors are dressed? Do you ever wonder WHY they're dressed in a certain way? You may have noticed this past Spring and Summer that many of the anchorwomen were wearing the same style of dress: sleeveless, tight-knit, fit and flare. Every now and then, you'll see someone looking a little too sexy, or a complete mess.

Do you notice these things? And does it matter?

Have you been to a speech or seminar and noticed that the speaker didn’t look as you might have expected? Didn’t bring her "A" game outfit?  As a stylist and visual learner, I wonder: what was she thinking? Does she not realize, or simply not care?

Statistics show that 65% of us are visual learners and that color, graphics, and visuals can help us to remember more. We relate better and respond better to the information being shared. After all, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Is this a stretch?

I say no! For many of us, what we see greatly affects our ability to listen, absorb, and truly stay engaged. There are countless studies on dress and appearance, and the psychology behind them. There is the halo effect, meaning that if one is properly dressed for an interview,  the person in charge will see them in a positive light. The effect continues, as when an individual is seen to possess one desirable trait,  it is assumed they possess many desirable traits. (E. L. Thorndike)

Dressing is a decision and a judgment call, and the details do matter!

My experience, through the years of working with women as a stylist, has shown me many beliefs that women have. In some cases, based on their current level of success, they don’t feel that style and appearance matter. Or, they believe it hasn’t stopped them from moving up. But what if it has, and they just don't know it? 

People recognize leadership in many ways. One of which is dressing the part. 

Interviewees are always told to dress for the job you want, not have. In my chapter of the book Breakthrough Results, I talk about the theory called embodied cognition. Researchers have concluded that our thoughts and actions are influenced by more than just our brains, but by our body as well. Believe it or not, our wardrobe actually does have the power to impact both our physical job performance and the mental effect that our subconscious has on being successful and respected.


It matters how you dress and look!

So, the question is… are you bringing your best you?

  1. Is your wardrobe reflecting who you are and how you want to be perceived?
  2. Is your closet still stuffed with items you no longer wear, and things you know you shouldn't wear?
  3. Do you have your 4 or 5 "go to" fabulous outfits that you feel great in?
  4. Are you worried about the time and expense of building a wardrobe that truly reflects who you are today?
  5. Are you letting fear stand in your way?

Ladies, take a stand for yourself. 

Think about what makes you truly happy, and consider how differently you feel when you look great. Are you ready to go out there feeling empowered and confident?

I truly believe most women want to be fabulous at any age, with any body. It’s just knowing and learning how.


  1. When you get dressed in the morning, think about how you feel in the outfit you have on. If you’re not sure, pay attention to your body language.
  2. Think about how comfortable you feel. If you see yourself pulling, tugging or squirming, change your clothing because something is not feeling right.
  3. Look in a full-length mirror, front to back. Remember - people may be looking at your backside as you walk away from them. Make sure you’re okay with what they see!


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