Are You Bored With Your Style?



Are you bored with your style? If you feel as though you leave the house looking the same every day, you are not alone.

Most often, we gravitate to the same outfits worn the same way - day in and day out. 

Are you wanting to update your look but you don't know how?

What I often hear from my clients is that:

I don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Statement necklaces are not my thing.

I only like real jewelry.

I'm pretty basic and minimalistic, I don't want a ton of clothing anymore.

And while some of these statements may be true for you, are you willing to keep an open mind?

When branching out and wanting a new look, I suggest taking baby steps and starting with an accessory.

Lay out your regular "go-to" outfits, and instead of wearing the same gold necklace, you can exchange that piece with a different option - maybe silver or fun pearls. The idea is to give the outfit a new look and energy by changing what you typically wear with it. If you're not sure, try it on and look in the mirror. Do you like what you see, and do you feel comfortable with the look? 

4 tips to bring new life to your favorite outfits:

IMAGE necklace-jewelry-silver-woman-46288

  • Instead of a button down shirt,  soften up the look by wearing a jewel neck shell that works easily under jackets and cardigans.
  • If you shy away from color and tend to wear earth tones or pastels, add a splash of brightness with jewel tones that look awesome against all skin types.
  • Love traditional pearl necklaces? Jazz them up by layering with a gold necklace (similar in size) while adding a touch of bling. It's definitely more modern look.
  • If all your pants are bootcut, try wearing a trouser or a fuller leg pant with a great chunky heeled pump.

Don't listen to the stories playing in your head.

It's easy to give in to old beliefs, but self-doubt is not the truth. Old thoughts and beliefs just keep us stuck and afraid to try something new. 

When you have a few minutes, take a trip to Ann Taylor, Nordstrom or a store of your choice and ask a sales person to pick out something for you to try on. Let them be your stylist. Then, ask yourself: how do you feel? You might just be pleasantly surprised!

Want to learn more? 

What sets me apart from other stylists is that I see you. I get who you are and how you want to look. I see the possibilities with my unique vision.  I dress you for you, by elevating your look without changing who you are.  Sometimes that means just shopping in your closet and re-creating with what you already own, or adding a few new items to bring your wardrobe to life. 

My belief is that women of all ages and sizes want to feel confident, happy, empowered and beautiful. I would love to share that vision with you!

My name is Pamela Etzin and I help women take control of their style.
My name is Pamela Etzin. Contact me today!